Coed Varsity Tennis · Tennis’s Home Court Advantage

The Macon County Tennis Team had their second match of the season on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. They played a home game against Livingston Academy.

Macon County Boys Tennis played five singles, winning one. Sophomore Connor Johnson won his single match 8-1.

The boys also played two doubles, winning both. Senior Lance Elmore and Senior Noah Likens won their double 8-0, and Sophomore Connor Johnson and Freshman Braydee Brooks won their double 8-2.

Macon County Girls Tennis played seven singles, winning six.  Sophomore Tia Rush won her single match 8-3. Junior Syanne Alred won her single match 8-6. Sophomore Adriah Scruggs won her single match 8-0. Freshman Julie Willis won her single match 8-0. Freshman Abby Linville won her single match 8-1. Sophomore Emily Ashburn won her single match 8-6. Junior Cari-Lynn White tied 8-8.

The girls also played two doubles, winning both. Sophomore Tia Rush and Junior Syanne Alred won their double 8-1, and Sophomore Adriah Scruggs and Freshman Julie Willis won their double 8-2.

Despite a few lost matches, Macon County walked away with the overall win. Let’s go, Macon!

-Cari-Lynn White