Coed Varsity Trapshooting · Trap Competition 4/13/2019

The Macon County Trap Team hosted a home competition this past Saturday, April 13th. Below are the rankings for trap team members by squads.

Squad 1 included Senior Drew Stafford with 92 Clay Pigeons, Senior Calab Reid with 94 Clay Pigeons, Sophomore William Harp with 78 Clay Pigeons, Sophomore Todd Chandler with 87 Clay Pigeons, and RBS Junior Kale Hooten with 93 Clay Pigeons.

Squad 2 included Junior Austin West with 80 Clay Pigeons, Senior Katie Cothron with 93 Clay Pigeons, Sophomore Calli Boles with 82 Clay Pigeons, Junior Tucker Gunnar with 82 Clay Pigeons, and RBS Sophomore Byron Bartley with 86 Clay Pigeons.

Squad 3 included Freshman Levi Cassidy with 70 Clay Pigeons, Freshman Brian Bilbro with 78 Clay Pigeons, Freshman Scott Green with 76 Clay Pigeons, Freshman Zach Newberry with 81 Clay Pigeons, and Freshman Zach Woodard with 56 Clay Pigeons.

Squad 4 included Freshman Braxton Halliburton with 57 Clay Pigeons.

– Brian Bilbro